Perfectly Fitting Shaped Wedding Rings

In 2011, we developed a new manufacturing technique. Using a highly precise 3D laser scanner, we take a scan of your ring, and return it to you the same day!

Shaped Wedding Rings

Our service is totally unique, and costs only £35 extra to create a custom made ring, on top of our standard pricing structure.

The best bits

  • Your engagement ring is 3d scanned & returned the same day, without any payment required.
  • We email you virtual images of the 2 rings fitting together, so any alterations you want can be made before we start manufacturing.

How does it work?

  1. Request an information pack below, and send us your ring by royal mail special delivery, guaranteed to arrive the next day.
  2. We 3D laser scan your engagement ring, and return your ring the same day.
  3. The design is then created to your liking, and design emailed to you for confirmation.
  4. Once confirmed your perfectly fitting wedding ring is manufactured within 14 days.

Looking for inspiration? Browse the design database for pricing & past designs created.