Intu Chapelfield Retailer Awards Night 2017, Norwich

By Charlotte Thompson

23rd of September, 2017

A massive congratulations to Alba Rose Diamonds Norwich for coming runners up in all 3 categories in Intu Chapelfield Retailer Awards 2017, on Wednesday 13th September, at the OPEN venue Norwich. The 3 runner up categories: Best Retailer Of The Year Best For World Class Customer Service Jewellery Retailer Of The...

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How To Choose Your Colour Scheme/Top Trends in Essex for 2018.

When deciding wedding colour schemes and trends, it is tricky to decide what style you want your wedding to be. However there are many ways for you to decide colours and trends in an easy and relaxing way.

By Katie Saunders

22nd of September, 2017

Magazines Magazines are a great way to find inspiration and the latest trends, they hold all the top contacts in the wedding industry. From everything from venues to the top wedding planners. Below are some of the best ranked magazines for 2017. 1. Essex Bride ( ) The magazine features the top trends of...

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How To Choose Your Colour Scheme/Top Trends in Kent for 2018

When choosing your colour scheme one of the things to consider is your venue. Is it a castle, a barn or a stately home? Then think about your setting; are you going to be inside or outside, near the coast or in the city? This could give you a good start.

By Catt Turner

20th of September, 2017

Next, what time of year is it? If you are getting married in December, you do not have to go for Christmas shades, like red and gold. You could opt for blue or a deep purple shade instead. This coming Winter, blush and silver are a sought after combination. It provides a softer, silkier hue, especially with a third pastel shade for accent. If it is spring time, yellows and pale...

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How To Choose Your Colour Scheme/Top Trends in Norfolk for 2018.

No need to get worked up about choosing your colour scheme because here at Alba Rose we have created some tips and tricks on how to get inspired when picking your desired final wedding colour theme.

By Charlotte Thompson

18th of September, 2017

Be Inspired by Your Setting/Surroundings! Location is a top factor. Have a particular palette in mind when you start looking for a venue? You will have to think about what colours you would like to use, within the location and the decorations you will be using. When you find a venue that you love, but it doesn't work with your colour scheme, you might want to...

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Top Catering Trends of 2018 in Kent

Struggling for catering ideas for the perfect day for you and your guests? Want to be involved with the unique catering trends of 2018. Look no further; we have all the information for you.

By Manisha Chahal

13th of September, 2017

1. Hogs and Kisses Hog roast is an event made memorable. The traditional Hog roast has been popular for many years and is found in many cultures. Having a hog roast fest will provide you and your guests an experience that you will soon not regret. Here’s where you can find a Hog roast catering in Kent. Hogs & Kisses “Hogs and Kisses specialise...

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